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Our Website: https://www.weightlossagents.com/gastric-sleeve-surgery.php A gastric sleeve surgery is beneficial for all of those who may be categorized as being obese, in that it is a less invasive procedure than some of the other options available. The procedure involves a surgeon removing approximately 85% of the patient's stomach leaving what resembles a sleeve or tube. The procedure of Weight Loss Agents is performed laparoscopically, which requires that small incisions are made as opposed to one large incision. The surgeon will then insert a tube equipped with a small camera and other instruments necessary for the procedure. Profile Links: http://irakyat.my/profile/3167 More Links: http://www.ibase45.net/albums/photo/view/album_id/494/photo_id/1397 http://www.ibase45.net/albums/photo/view/album_id/494/photo_id/1398 http://www.ibase45.net/albums/photo/view/album_id/494/photo_id/1399 http://www.ibase45.net/albums/photo/view/album_id/494/photo_id/1400