Transformers – Devastation the games quick review

  • Transformers, most of us did not seem familiar with the franchise robot that can turn into a variety of cool vehicles. Those who grew up in the era of 80s and 90s may know of a weekly television series that actually can not be fairly fantastic, but still leaves a memory that is not easily forgotten. While gamers may get to know the new generation of wide screen film full of action and explosions concoction Michael Bay that regardless of the plot are increasingly obscure, it is enough for the eyes of anyone. Transformers actually also was adapted into a video game, even in the era of the first generation of gaming with 8-bit graphics. And now, they are back.

    There are some interesting things that made Transformers: Devastastion immediately attracted attention when it was first introduced. The most important of the two-dimensional visual style with the atmosphere of the '80s cartoon of his subtle. But the appeal even more tempting? He is handled by a Japanese developer who was a big name in the genre of action games - Platinum Games. This developer was seasoned when talking about the mechanism of action games are fast, thrilling, and challenging at the same time. There is a fairly strong curiosity of how they would mix a Transformers game with their identity over the years. Something different to War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron from High Moon Studios - Transformers two game series that could be considered as the best so far.

    So, what is offered by Transformers Devastation this? Why do we call it a game that offers a classic shape with a new flavor?

    In contrast to the blend product of High Moon Studios that gives you "spied" more about the lives of Transformers before arriving on Earth, Transformers - Devastation seems to be no different from a short story arc that may often find in the first cartoon movie version. It is still a matter of a battle between two races of robots - the Autobots and the Decepticons become the protagonist - who seem to never lose reason and a way to destroy people, and restore the glory of Cybertron in the past. The plot is not the main force Transformers - Devastation, that's for sure.

    No drama, no emotional scene, Transformers - Devastation appear so straightforward and offers you a battle between the robots on a large scale as the main attraction. As usual, Megatron - leader of the Decepticons find an artifact past that he can use to "transform" our beloved earth. He wants to harvest the power of the Plasma Energy that is so large as to make the earth is like Cybertron, restore the glory of the metal planet like old times. So as could be predicted, the Autobots can not remain silent. Optimus Prime with Sideswipe, Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Grimlock tried to stop the rot plan.

    So like cartoons Sunday you anyway, apparently not difficult to guess the storyline Transformers - this Devastation. It is a matter of wars between good and bad, and kindness, as difficult as any, would end up being a winner in the end. No mystery here.

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