This Astro Tab A924 - 9 got my interest as it is magnificently

  •    This Astro Tab A924 - 9 got my interest as it is magnificently cost, but that is the only advantage of it. It comes pre installed with "built-in" applications that cannot be shifted off of the inner generate. The overall picture with this, is that these "built-in" in applications max out the inner storage space, and they accident because they need to be modified. But they cannot be modified, because there is no space for an upgrade and they cant be shifted or even used.
       I e-mailed the mfg and I have to say, they reacted very easily. And responded to all my e-mails very quick. They offer a detailed training to upgrade the firmware that includes installing a system to your Pc PC that allows you to reflash the firmware via a USB wire and upgrade it. Appears to be excellent theoretically, but unfortunately, the PC device is a finish and udder pos like this product. I am incredibly qualified and technical smart, and in no way could I get the procedure to perform effectively. The Astro Tab A924 - 9 will accident / closed down as soon as the blinking procedure starts. I stayed over 2 times trying to get this to perform.
       The Astro Tab A924 - 9 has to be conducted on a PC with Ms windows 8 OS. Nothing else !! Not Ms windows seven / Windows vista and nothing MAC / The apple company will continue to perform either. So if you have a Ms windows 8 PC, this might be a excellent product option for you. I got fed up with all the junk and sent it returning in for a return.
       Pay interest to my recommend and shift on, this Astro Tab A924 - 9 has a very lengthy way to go before it should be marketed on the start industry.xiaomi review

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