The Daily Grind: Do veteran rewards cause you to more likely to

  • I believe I’ve gone about the record before as saying I rather like veteran rewards. It’s nice to understand that subscribing to Final Fantasy XIV for too long enough (and using the newest campaigns, during the correct periods of your time) ends up with cool stuff coming my way. But I was thinking of it a few days ago, along with the reality is the fact Tera Gold I would be subscribed without any form of veteran rewards. The veteran rewards are, ultimately, only fluff.
    That got me contemplating other games sticking with the same setups, like City of Heroes as well as its elaborate reward matrix featuring its free-to-play design or various subscription rewards for Star Trek Online. I may much like the rewards, but I can’t point out that any in the rewards actually influence my subscription within Tera Items a meaningful fashion. Either I wish to subscribe or I don’t; the additional doodads don’t motivate me in any respect. They’re just a pleasant benefit to doing something I was already planning to try and do.
    Maybe that’s precisely why games like World of Warcraft still no subscriber rewards, simply considering that the effort in putting them together won’t actually produce more subscribers. What do you imagine? Do veteran rewards allow you to be more likely to sign up for an MMO?