2013 MMOARPG Path of Exile hit peak concurrency in March on acc

  • Path of Exile just keeps getting bigger in terms of both players and team size, and it’s actually offering the numbers to back it up.
    A website article out from Grinding Gear Games POE Currency declares that update 2.6.0 propelled the MMOARPG with a peak online concurrent player count of 112,800 latest research by, with 65,000 of the playing concurrently through Steam, putting the experience behind only Dota 2 and CS:GO during that chunk of their time. According towards the studio, which enables 2.6.0 the “franchise’s largest and quite a few successful up to now with a 40-percent increase inside number of players online for that launch.”
    2.6.0 was big, however it’s even if it's just the biggest thing happening on the New Zealand-based game Cheap POE Currency this current year: It’s got an enormous expansion called The Fall of Oriath being released in 2017. It recently made headlines for developing a “transparent lockbox” with declared odds for that best stuff inside.