TERA’s Producer Letter Talks Guild Castles

  • We’re merely a month stripped away from Tera Items Fate of Arun expansion and also the next big update is just about the corner. Treeshark dropped the 2015 Producer’s Letter, plus in it details besides the plans for 2015 in general, but delves to the free-to-play MMORPG’s latest update, due out in late February.
    Guild housing has become a feature that lots of European and North American players are actually anticipating for quit some time now. Interested guilds are going to need to earn it though. To earn a guild castle (did I mention they float inside the sky for everyone to discover?), guilds will need to take part in a very competition. There will likely be a PvP as well as a PvE version from the competition together with the top 10 guilds Buy Tera Items from each version in the competition earning Skycastles if the season closes.
    Skycastles might be decorated and customized and also have their unique flight path destination point once obtained.
    The February update can also include both a normal and also a hard mode with the new Sky Cruiser Endeavor instance, new Tier 6 gear, and also the ability to “awaken” some of one's gear to your +15 modifier. A 5v5 version from the Champions’ Skyring will likely be added.
    Check out your full letter for more updates due out later in 2010.