because too much realism Korean online games "TERA" is set at 1

  • Recently, South Korea NHN company's MMORPG Tera Items is defined as 18 ban.
        NHN Corporation to consider when applying for grades, has to "TERA" application 18 ban. The purpose is to ensure that under the premise of fighting and realistic action adult players involved in closed beta of the game.
        It is reported that, although the first beta version of "TERA" 18 ban, but it does not determine the Beta 18 is forbidden. Because there are many game companies in order to promote, apply 18 ban in the game's closed beta, the application fee and 15 before the start of the ban.
        Tera XBOX Items South Korea will be the first closed beta on August 22 and 23. The closed beta test will focus on the basic attack, team battle and so on.