TERA presenting weaponised undies to kill along with your crotc

  • Super-duper underwear is a thing
    I don’t know exactly what the developer of Tera Gold is doing… but I like its style.
    Here’s a trailer featuring hot men (along with a raccoon thing) in tiny Speedos dancing to kill enemies. Watch because their bulges ripple and wave, because their glistened pecs dance inside the wind, slaying those who cannot contain their thirst.
    This is really a trailer for that newest item in Cheap Tera Gold, the Inner Armor. You can now equip different underwear to further improve your abilities. It’s one thing of sheer glory, and both men and women characters will get in about the act. The glorious… oily… act. Ahem. Excuse me.
    What I’m telling is this is the better thing ever no one can convince me of everything else.