Wolfteam Team Day Tour in Turkey to become a horse!

  • Wolfteam one of the most played FPS games in this country, Eid al-Fitr in numerous cities from every week will meet while using gamers.
    Turkey's a lot more than 30 million players having the difference of being one of the most played FPS game Wolfteam, the Eid al-Fitr week 11 to 17 June 2018 , between scheduled to fulfill with players Tera Items in 11 different  cities. 11 different cities inside our country, that could meet for the designated Internet cafes Wolfteam team officials during the overall game Wolfteam sunacak.wolftea famous players and teams in a range of gifts  Wolfteam publishers will need place.
    Players will get involved in activities Games Officials Teagan , globalll , Todd and Spandam 's and also famous publishers bloodrapp is , combatst is , I thezemze , Spectrum in and aytekinpa? to will  hold the opportunity in order to meet closely with. In addition, players may also have the chance to create many surprise gifts.
    Wolfteam first round of June 11, 2018 from Tekirdag , situated in sondurak Internet Café begins. Then Edirne, ?anakkale, Bal?kesir and Kütahya, Afyon, Denizli, Aydin, Izmir and who'll visit to Bursa  Wolfteam team, Turkey tour with Tera Gold two meeting which will likely be held inside European and Asian sides of Istanbul are going to be completed.
    Cities to get visited and also the dates are listed below:
    - 11.06.2018 Sondurak Internet / Tekirda?
    - 06/11/2018 Face Internet / Edirne
    - 12/06/2018 Lotus 1 Internet / Canakkale
    - Quickly 06/12/2018 Net / Balikesir
    - 13/06/2018 Terrace Game Arenas / Kütahya
    - 13/06/2018 Game Net / Afyon
    - 14/06/2018 Contemporary Internet / Denizli
    - 06/14/2018 Oski 2 Internet / Aydin
    - 06/15/2018 National Internet / Izmir
    - 16/06/2018 Vision Internet / Bursa
    - 06/17/2018 Alkan Internet / Istanbul Europe
    - 06/17/2018 Axis Internet / Istanbul Anatolian