Bless Online: Western website is down, what exactly is going on

  • Do you recall the time when Aeria Games announced the acquisition on the western publishing rights for Bless Online? Happy days, right? But since then, things have not been that smooth, with all the German publisher failing to communicate properly featuring its players and essentially leaving them Soul Worker Dzenai that has a feeling of doubt by what once seemed certain. To add insult to injury, the state run Bless Online website (it's probably best whenever we call it a teaser) is down right now, that has a “503 Service Unavailable” error that is not consistent with what players expect coming from a studio for example Aeria Games.
    This no communication isn't just a problem with Bless Online; other publishers, or even most of them, will also be at fault, including Gameforge while using SoulWorker western release (unfortunately we cannot know anything since the state announcement in April 2016) and that we're convinced you still haven't forgotten many years of radio silence with NCSoft's Blade & Soul, and let's not talk about Phantasy Star Online 2 and Kingdom Under Fire 2, two MMOs which in fact had a western release planned but disappeared on the radar.
    Anyway, back in Bless Online. All we so far was obviously a couple of updates telling us about the way the game was being delayed for improvement, mostly from the combat department, which is really a nice thing in our opinion. However, the communication wasn't stated in any Aeria Games' website or social networking, but on Bless-Source, a Bless fansite ran by It's far from what Bless Online deserved – heck, also a rushed Facebook page (will there be one in any way?) for releasing these updates firsthand would give a professional take for this communication. Aeria Games' Facebook page would have the desired effect, there is however not a single update since October 2016…
    Bless just entered open beta in Russia in addition to being usual with Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai one of these anticipated games, it's getting a whole lot of players. North American and European players, alternatively, are getting somewhat nervous – Aeria Games is quick to push out a MMO from Taiwan studio X-Legend Entertainment (Aura Kingdom, Dragomon Hunter, Twin Saga) but once it comes to an enormous MMORPG including Bless Online, everything is looking a little more difficult.
    Let's just hope how the publisher Aeria Games and developer Neowiz are generally hard at work on Bless Online, but players want to know more – they need to learn if they will genuinely expect the bingo with confidence, and even though the lack of news and also the unavailable website really are a bit worrying, it could possibly mean nothing in any way.
    Or could it? What do you would imagine about this?