TERA Autumn Producer Letter Talks Server Merges And Guild Battl

  • In a whole new TERA Producer Letter, Producer Treeshark discusses what's available for Tera Items within the near future. In the short term, the servers Highwatch, Lake of Tears, and Valley of Titans are going to be merged in to a single server on September 7th. The new server will probably be a "PvP 65" server, that can allow world PvP, but only players at max level will likely be able to experience it. Those that don't need to take part in PvP at all is going to be allowed to transfer for the Ascension Valley server at no cost between September 9th and September 13th.
    The server merges are going to be followed from the introduction Guild Battles and changes to guilds. When the alterations are introduced, players don't level their guilds by making use of Catharnach Awards. Instead, they is going to be required to do Guild Missions. Guild Missions will award experience that is needed to level guilds. As guilds level, they are going to be able to purchase Guild Skills that boost their base stats, movement speed, and mount speed. It is noted that there will even be systems available that keep smaller guilds from being disadvantaged by their member count Tera XBOX Items which allow weekly payouts of gold to guild members.
    Guild Battles works similarly Black Desert Online. Guilds can setup towers around Velika and, once per week, they should defend these towers using their company guilds. The guild that owns the very last tower standing around the end on the battle will probably be awarded "all the taxes which have accumulated during that week."
    New world BAMs, flying dragon mounts, some UI tweaks, and "massive changes for the sorcerer" can also be planned. Priests and Mystics can also anticipate "some minor changes." Unfortunately, none these features have any type of timeline at the time of yet.