FIFA 18 Raiders Football Tournament and Full Mode Raiders: Over

  • FIFA 18 Raiders Football Tournament and Full Mode Raiders: Overhead Pass

    Overhead pass is just a distortion of through ball, both of them are over top pass that can be made when meeting some conditions. Similar to through ball, it is better that there is no high-speed defender within 1m between passer and

    catcher. Instead of overlapping from the last line of defence, the catcher can even have an distance of up to 5m. The catcher must be running at a high speed or in a running trend, best website forfifa 18 coins  and the nearest defender nearby must be in a non-running

    The difficulty of passing the ball overhead is almost the same as that of a through ball, but the conditions of use are somewhat different, you have to know how to distinguish. For example, the catcher is about to break through the other

    ’s defence line quickly, but he’s got defenders chasing him, at this time, you better choose through ball but not overhead pass; when the catcher is far away from you and he is about to break through the other’s defence line, you

    should choose to pass the ball overhead instead of through the ball.
    Based on these two examples, you need to pay attention the the three points of catching the ball after overhead pass.
    If it is long distance, you better pass overhead(the through ball is generally unable to pass through more than 2 defenders), press “LT” to control the ball under your feet, this method allows a footballer who has a good footwork to

    stick the ball to his feet in an instant( a player with a relatively rough footwork can also control the ball with two digging).
    If you can not overhead the ball in place, just regard it as a lobbing ball and you need to switch to an catcher to scramble for the first placement. If you catch the ball, bestfifa 18 coin seller  remember to control the ball before you change your route(some

    players are easy to be messed up and turn around to protect the ball after they catch the ball, however, if you turn around directly without controlling the ball will lead to losing of the ball, it is better you keep going along with the

    potential energy of the ball).
    In addition, the best overhead pass is passing to the side. Of course, mid-way is the best choice, which can create a chance to shot on target right away. If you just pass the ball to the side, you can consider to drive down the