FIFA 18 Black Card Formation: How to Set Up the Black Card Form

  • FIFA 18 Black Card Formation: How to Set Up the Black Card Formation for Free?
    To compare Javi Martinez and Lionel Andres Messi
    It can be seen that Javi Martinez on the key attribute is not worse than the boss, and power energy bounce on the header is better than the boss, and he speed is as good as the boss’s. But shooting, dribbling, and passing are not very good.
    Therefore, cheapest fifa coinsthis card can be said to be a weaker version of the goal, fifa coin sitesbut the header body is strengthened. However the price of this card is now about 2W, and the boss will be 90W+.
    I won’t post the gold cards because they are transition cards. They are waiting for the various black cards to appear and then we are slowly getting stronger, cheapest fifa coin sitesso the fun becomes a focus on the players who are cost-effective on the edge of the black card every week.
    What can we do to buy these players?
    The game is very simple at the beginning. That is to use all the gold coins added. You should not be reluctant to spend money, and you should choose +1000 to start with, cheapest country to buy fifa pointsand do not buy expensive gold card too much. A weak player does not mean that the team is weak. The strength is your technology, cheapest country to buy fifa pointsEvaluation of the player’s familiarity and comprehensive strength. You should not care to spend a lot of money to buy a gold card that doesn’t value you a lot.
    The new model SQUAD BATTLE in FIFA18
    So let’s figure out how much we’re going to play with Gold 3. The point of Gold 3 is about1W1.
    In the beginning will send a choice, if you choose a half of career, fifa 18 coins top 5you can easily take 1600 points and then you need to kick as much as 12. There are 13 in total. And if divide it into 7 days, you can only play 2 every day. If you are busy one day, the next day kick 4 will be OK. It is very flexible
    Some Players are expensive, cheap fifa coins xbox 360so you should resist your urge to buy. You need to keep running and run every card that doesn’t work. You should(sell it) and set up a practical black card formation.