Fifa 18 UT Mode: How to Earn Gold Coins Quickly? Part 2

  • FIFA 18 UT Mode: How to Earn Gold Coins Quickly? Part 2
    (4). Bronze card bag
    Only buy a 400 gold coin copper card bag. Including players, club items, 12 consumables, at least 10 bronze cards, a flash copper. The price of the item is 200 gold coins at BIN price (when there is a good player or 10 team cards),coupon codes for fifa coins it can be hung up for 1 hour. After the expiration, you can often hang up the card, and you need to be patient.
    (5). Trade in Premier League bronze card players
    Especially in the early days of the game,big discount to buy fifa coins the Premier League bronze card players were very popular. Use “lots of bids” for low-price players and “59-minute rules” for high-priced players. Focus on some good players.
    (6). Trade in good silver card players
    Focus on some good silver card players,fifa coins discount codes such as speed, strength, 5 star skills, and so on. Use the 59-minute rule to silver card players, timely use of the “lots of bids”.
    2. Operation skill
    If you can’t sell your cards,buy cheap fifa coins codes try selling them over the weekend because many people playing games at the weekend. If you bid with others, you can bid twice in a row to create the illusion of a lot of people bidding.
    Player cards are best sold as full-bodied and 7 contracts. It’s easy to sell.
    Around the release of TTOW, there will have a large demand for gold coins,fifa coins discounts more people draw cards, and many cards are sold in the market. Prices for non-special cards will fall.
    Pay attention to the EA cup events; buy players in advance,ea fifa coins discount code such as international or league matches, and play as soon as the cup begins.
    You should be cautious to investment the 2 black or 3 black cards. Previous black card prices would have fallen.