92 Heung-Min son FUT 18 TOTS PLAYER REVIEW

    Today,cheap fifa coins for sale we’ll be looking at the 92-rated TOTS Heung-Min Son. After quite an impressive season, is buying fifa coins safe Son has received a TOTS card that harkens back to the days of 2POTM Son

    I’ve only used him for a handful of games, but here are my stats after these games:

    Price: 645,000

    Games: 8

    Goals: 16

    Assists: 5

    Chemistry Style: Marksman

    Just like his cards in previous years,best place to buy fifa coins Son is incredibly well-rounded. He can run, shoot, pass,reliable fifa coins dribble, and even bully other players. Some of his key stats include:

    96 Acceleration and 95 Sprint Speed
    94 Positioning, Finishing and Shot Power
    97 Long Shots
    90 Agility
    97 Dribbling
    99 Heading
    99 Stamina
    79 Strength and 77 Aggression
    Let’s get into his item stats:

    Pace: 10/10

    He’s lightning. Just start running,cheapest fifa 18 coins and he’ll get away from anyone. I’ve seen this guy outpace even the fastest fullbacks, and do so with ease. He’s especially effective when he runs in a straight line,cheapest ps4 fifa coins as on an all-out sprint, he’s uncatchable. My suggestion would be to do the quick one-twos,cheapest fifa coin website and send him between defenders, or send him barrelling down the line.

    Shooting: 10/10

    God-tier. He can score with any kind of shot,fifa coins buy cheap from any angle, from any range. Finesse shots are deadly,best place to buy fut coins long shots are amongst the best I’ve seen this year, and he’s incredibly clinical inside the area. Literally perfect.

    Passing: 8/10

    This is a strange one. In close- to medium-range passes, he’s perfect. He can do all the link up play, all the crosses,cheap reliable fifa coins and even most of the through balls. However, he’s just not that great at long passing — he can’t ping it further than 30 yards, his long crosses are rarely on target,buy fifa ultimate team coins cheapest and his over the top through balls are often missplaced. However, if you play him as a striker, his passing is more than adequate.

    Dribbling: 10/10

    He’s a lot of fun to dribble with. Perfect ball control and dribbling, with a flawless first touch,fifa coins for cheap as well as the 4-star skills, makes him a joy to use. He can weave in and out of defenders with ease,fut coins cheapest and he’s incredibly hard to dispossess.

    Defending: 5/10

    He can apply a lot of pressure to a backline,cheapest ultimate team coins thanks to his pace and physicality, but don’t expect him to win the ball back. His tackling is garbage,cheapest fifa coin site and he’ll give the foul away more often than not. Stay away from using him at CM.

    Physical: 10/10

    This surprised me. His height and build in-game make him seem a lot stronger than his stats would suggest. He can hold off most defenders,where to buy cheap fifa coins and he bullies the weaker fullbacks and midfielders with ease. His strength and aggression feel like they are in the high 80s, and that makes him a nightmare the handle. He holds his own while dribbling,cheapest fifa coins online and can push back on defenders for just long enough to get a shot away. Also, his jumping (coupled with his heading accuracy) makes him a menace in the air.

    Weak Foot: 10/10

    Had to mention this,cheapest fifa coin site since it is the game-changer. His five-star weak foot is the highlight of the item, and it makes him truly unstoppable. You can’t read him,fifa coins cheap and reliable you can’t contain him,best place to buy fifa ultimate team coins and you can’t do anything when he starts shooting. He’s genuinely ridiculous.

    Overall Rating: 10/10

    Value for Coins: 10/10

    This item was better than NIF CR7 for me. In fact,fifa ultimate team coins cheapest this item is better than almost any attacking minded item I’ve tried this year,the cheapest fut coins with the exception of TOTS Firmino and Prime R9. He’s incredibly effective, cheapest fifa coins xbox and a lot of fun to use. I would 100% recommend.