Activision announce Aussie rock pack for Guitar Hero World Tour

  • Australia Day---a time and energy to reflect back on our nation's proud history, down a few beers, play some Two-up and thrash-on Guitar Hero World Tour. Maybe not the very last part, but to celebrate Australia's greatest public holiday, Activision is bringing three new tracks from three of Australia's most iconic rock bands to GHWT.  The first track Tomorrow by Warmane Gold Silverchair was one in the band's first songs that helped them find their fame, that has lasted above a decade now. The other two tracks are Wolfmother's Dimension using their company self-titled album and Outtathaway! by The Vines.   
    Silverchair, The Vines, and Wolfmother join the ranks of The Living End, Rick Springfield, and Airborne, which might be already available to learn in the overall game.   
    The Australian Rock pack arrives out on January 22 (four days in advance of Australia Day) on Xbox 360 for 440 Microsoft points, while individual songs will probably be selling for 160 MS points. Unfortunately, PlayStation 3 and Wii owners will need to sit against eachother until February 5 to experience the three songs, while using pack selling for A$9.95 ($7.09), or A$3.45 ($3.46) each for the PlayStation Network Store, or 160 Wii Points per song within the Wii Wi-Fi Connection service.  Now if perhaps they'd release some Powderfinger and please take a page beyond Rock Band's book by adding in a few AC/DC then we'd be set! MMOAH is capable of providing a better service for Buy Warmane Gold trading. We have provided service for thousands and thousands of players in all over the world.