Czech Republic wins EA's World Cup

  • The 2006 World Cup doesn't start up until Friday, when host country Germany represents Costa Rica, but Electronic Arts is definitely picking a winner for that finals.    
    Using the simulation engine in their multiplatform 2006 FIFA World Cup game, EA re-created your entire tournament, from your opening salvo of four-team round-robin groups to your Kronos Gold July 9 World Cup final in Berlin. And in accordance with EA's game, the winner will likely be the Czech Republic, rising on the occasion having a 2-1 victory over soccer powerhouse Brazil from the finals.    
    Not everything using the simulation went united might expect. EA's tournament saw just one single penalty shootout within the 64 simulated matches, Costa Rica making its best World Cup showing ever by reaching the quarter finals, and Italy and Portugal failing to produce it out with the first round. The US team managed to make it out with the opening round of group play, but no farther, as Brazil knocked them out in the tournament which has a 3-2 victory.    
    For more FIFA World Cup action, keep coming back with GameSpot Wednesday to get a "friendly match," as GameSpot USA represents GameSpot UK within the Xbox 360 version in the game. San Francisco-based editors Brian Ekberg and Justin Calvert will represent the celebrities and stripes when they take upon an English team helmed by GameSpot UK hooligans Guy Cocker and Phil Elliott.    
    Rich Gallup and Jeff Gerstmann will call the action, so listen up on Wednesday, June 7 at noon PDT (8 p.m. in London) to find out it all drop live. Have fun in shopping on MMOAH. Players can Buy Kronos Gold from MMOAH, fast delivery, all-weather online.