En Masse Entertainment Adds Stellar Industry Talent to Prepare

  • En Masse Entertainment, a brand new breed of game publisher focusing on bringing globally renowned online properties to Western audiences, today announced several new hires following your successful gameplay debut of the company's flagship Action MMO title, TERA, at GDC 2010. En Masse increased its stockpile of talent having a creative Tera Gold XBOX director fresh off a stint on Halo, a PR director who led campaigns for Dragon Age as well as the Mass Effect series, a lead writer from Dungeons & Dragons and Aion, and also a network operations director who built the Xbox Operations Center.

    "We want En Masse Entertainment to function as a magnet for creative talent," said En Masse CEO Dr. Jae-Heon Yang. "As we build toward the launch of TERA, were adding veteran strength to everyone facets on the company to be sure a topnotch Action MMO experience for the customers."

    The new hires at En Masse add some following veteran leaders:

    Creative Services Director Aaron LeMay
    Aaron LeMay has overseen visual design, resource management, and game production at Bungie, Volition, along with developers while taking care of major franchises including Halo, Saints Row, The Punisher, and Red Faction. As Senior Visual Designer at Bungie, he managed outward facing operations for Halo 3 as well as other Halo titles while overseeing visual development on the brand identities of Bungie and also the Halo franchise. At Volition, LeMay held a number of roles including Visual Designer and Associate Producer for Saints Row.

    Public Relations Director Matt Atwood
    Matt Atwood can be a PR veteran with 20 years of experience including stints at Bioware, Electronic Arts, Nintendo of America, 2K Sports, and Capcom Entertainment. Before joining En Masse, he was the Global PR Lead for Dragon Age as well as the Mass Effect series, and although at Nintendo, he led campaigns for that Wii, DS Lite, and The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess. Throughout his career, Atwood has driven PR campaigns for Resident Evil, Street Fighter, plus the entire 2K Sports line while launching over 70 games and collaborating with creative luminaries including Shigeru Miyamoto, Shinji Mikami, Dr. Ray Muzyka, and Dr. Greg Zeschuk.

    Lead Writer David Noonan
    David Noonan has lived with the intersection of games and stories, doing work in both tabletop gaming and flash games. A former newspaper reporter, David became managing editor from the official Magic: The Gathering magazine and also a frequent reason for card and story design. Following that, he became a multiple ENnie-award-winning game designer for that hugely popular Dungeons & Dragons? franchise as part in the core design team that rebuilt D&D through the ground up to the best-selling 4th Edition release. A longtime MMO gamer, Noonan helped manage a crew of 16 writers who adapted Aion for North American and European audiences.

    Network Operations Director Markus Schweig
    Markus Schweig is really a technology leader with more than 21 many years of strong solutions design, software architecture, development, test, deployment, and global operations experience. At Microsoft, Schweig built the Xbox Live Operations Center and supported the infrastructure for that first tens of thousands of online gamers in 19 countries. As CTO of Smith and Tinker, Schweig shipped an interconnected game, Internet platform, and toy with the Nanovor distinctive line of microscopic monsters. As CTO and Chief Software Architect of Hidden City Games, he advanced the business's hosting infrastructure and software development due to the popular worldwide Bella Sara? brand.

    TERA is surely an innovative Action MMORPG with rich Tera PS4 Items graphics and animations where players fully control their characters with the game's dynamic battle system. Player actions in TERA can alter the balance of power in the world where six races seek to work together for that common good. The game, which can be currently in development for PC, will launch in Korea this season and in Western markets thereafter.