Get the latest information about new skins of Fortnite from MMO

  • The Night of Fortress v4.5 was launched on the international service on June 27th and brought a variety of new decorations.

    Data miners have leaked the names of these items, images and rare data, and now have found 3D rendering models and upcoming various Fortnite Traps, glider and tailgate game audio.

    Of course, skin exposure is nothing new. Data miners can quickly scan new game files for new in-game items. In MMOAH you can also buy cheap Forynite skin.

    A new batch of skin leaks was provided by 'Skin-Tracker', which is the most popular and most trusted data mining site in Fortnight Night. They found new 3D renderings in the latest game versions, including Detectives, Interpols, Stars and Stripes, and Starry Ranger costumes.

    It is unclear when these items will be released, but it is believed that in the coming days or weeks, and the Fortnite skin can be purchased on the Night of Fortress stores or purchased through MMOAH's official website.

    The first is revenge skin designed for omega skin.

    Followed by the detective skin series, we know that before the fortress night before the thieves series skin, it seems that the detective chases suspects will be staged in the good show!

    Is everyone still fresh about the skin of fluffy pink bears? Now there are blue bears.

    There are also backpacks that look like fireworks and are very much in line with the playground atmosphere.

    What dazzled it! There was a car Fortnite Skins in the fortress night!

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