Digimon World: Next Order for PS4 Japanese website opened

  • Bandai Namco has launched a state Japanese website to the PlayStation 4 version of Digimon World: Next Order, which is named Digimon World: Next Order International Edition in Japan.
    The website currently contains an About page introducing the modern features on the PlayStation 4 version, including better graphics, game balance adjustments, 12 new Digimon to practice, and approximately 30 new Digimon Masters Online Tera story events.
    Bandai Namco also confirmed the 12 new Digimon added towards the PlayStation 4 version are going to be added for the PS Vita version in Japan by using a free update.
    Digimon World: Next Order arrives out for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe noisy . 2017, as well as in Japan in 2017. Well, good news! Digimon Masters Online game is available now on Steam. In order to enjoy the game better, you can buy the cheap Digimon Masters Online Gold at MMOAH to reduce the initial difficulty of the game and quickly improve your combat power.