Fortnite Servers Down With New Update Coming

  • Play Fortnite  now because you still can. There will likely be "extended downtime" tomorrow, March 29, in the rollout from the battle royale game's newest update.
    Developer Epic announced on Twitter that there are going to Buy Fortnite Skins be "extended downtime" tomorrow as Epic launches the v3.4 update. The patch may go live around 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET, Epic said. There is no word about how precisely long precisely the downtime will run for, but Epic calling it "extended" suggests it can be longer than usual.
    Epic hasn't said exactly what is going to be inside v.3.4 update, but we all do know that your next free Twitch Prime merchandise is launching on March 29 so that they are likely within the update. Additionally, this may be the update that contributes the cool-looking guided missile weapon.
    In other news, Fortnite's newest Starter pack is obtainable now. Available for $5, the add-on gets you the Rogue Agent outfit plus the Catalyst Back Bling, as well as an allotment of 600 V-Bucks to waste on that one thing. You can now find the Starter pack on all platforms, including mobile (which remains an invite-only test on iOS).
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