Sunny Weekend 2x Events

  • Celebrate the weekend with twice the fun. Level up and power from the weekend with 2x EXP & Drop!

    This event will stack with 2x EXP Coupons and 2x Drop Coupons, and that means you could earn 4x EXP and 4x Drop throughout the posted times!

        Keep an eye around the top of the screen to the scrolling 2x EXP & Drop announcement or perhaps the left side of one's screen for your 2x EXP & Drop icon.
        This event can be purchased in both Reboot and non-Reboot worlds.

    Join us on Sunday (UTC) for many special perks! All day long, you are able to Buy Maplestory M mesos SEA enjoy this benefits:

        Receive 2x the Arcane Symbols in the Arcane River daily quests (Vanishing Journey, Hungry Muto, Morass).
        Receive 2x Coins from Arcane River daily content (Dream Defender, Spirit Savior).
        The Dream Defender and Spirit Savior daily coin limits are doubled!

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