New Island Zone Coming to MapleStory April 6

  • MapleStory is going to get a totally new batch of adventure within a content update to the month of April.

    Players levels 55 to 75 will quickly be able to address their way through Chryse, a fresh island zone that floats over the Orbis region. The island, which wandered from Orbis ages ago, is powered using a mysterious power core that Maplesea M mesos sustains life and keeps the area afloat. Now inhabited by way of a friendly race of giants, few are actually able for making any form of contact Chryse, its isolation inspiring curiosity from Maple World.

    After talking to Chrysian chief Marione within the Greek inspired city, players is going to be able to understand more about the once-beautiful island which has unfortunately become awash in darkness and danger. By re-establishing contact with all the giants of Chryse, players will learn in the fearsome monster generally known as Xerxes, whose army of monsters has ravaged your neighborhood townspeople. It are going to be mission critical for players to address Xerxes' army of destruction and ultimately restore the giants' power and peace during the entire island. is capable of providing a better service for Maplesea M mesos trading. We have provided service for thousands and thousands of players in all over the world.