MapleStory Legends Update Begins December 7

  • Nexon is preparing to launch a large update within 3 weeks for MapleStory, and they're claiming that this will likely be the biggest update from the year. That is usually a big statement, considering that this coming year some in the Maplesea 2 mesos game’s updates included PVP, character revamps of all kinds, along with an almost complete overhaul. Surely, that one can’t function as biggest one right? We’ll see.

    The MapleStory Legends update is adding three new character classes and in addition they include the Canoneer, Mercedes and Demon Slayer. When Legends hit Korea earlier this season, MapleStory hit the biggest concurrent record from any other adventure when 626,852 everyone was playing all for the same time.
    Nexon has launched a trailer for the sport, and you also can investigate it at their website on this link. If you want to learn more about Maplestory 2 Mesos SEA, please continue to keep an eye on