You may now pre-register for Maple Story M

  • The mobile version in the smash hit PC MMORPG Maple Story is up on Google Play for pre-registration. That basically means the discharge is imminent.

    Maple Story M is an extremely faithful recreation from the PC game on the MS 2 Mesos mobile. It’s a 2D adventure the place you create a character, decide on a class, and level up to enhance your power.
    You can pre-register for Maple Story M on Android today

    All of your respective favourite classes return, for example the Dark Knight, Bow Master, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair. If you like messing around with others, you can build a guild with the friends too.

    Pre-register today and you’ll obtain the following exclusive rewards:

        Sky Bicycle
        Kitty Word Bubble Ring
        Cat-Ger Label Ring
        Normal Hair Coupon
        Normal Plastic Surgery Coupon
        Teleport Rock
        Respawn Token

    So go on over to Google Play at this time to pre-register for Maple Story M. Not only will you get free samples, nevertheless, you’ll also snap it up as soon the way it’s out. When you buy MapleStory 2 Mesos from MMOAH, you find out the process is very simple. On you will find the best supplier who are guaranteed to send product fast against the best prices.