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  • The launch of War for that Atlas, the most up-to-date expansion to Path of Exile, brought along with it a lot of new abilities as well as an equally multitude of changes to existing builds. In this guide, we’re gonna discuss the mechanics of merely one of the most popular builds, the Arc Witch, and just how it adapts for the changes in Version 3.1.

    The Witch in PoE resembles caster classes in other RPGs. An Arc Witch, for example, uses a particular spell called – you guessed it – Arc. Arc, since the name suggests, is often a lightning-based skill that has the ability to chain in one enemy completely to another. The number of enemies that Arc can chain to is dependent upon a specific character’s gem and enchantment configuration, in any event it can’t chain over 11 times per cast.

    As imagine, when each cast of one's skill is bouncing around and hitting approximately 11 different enemies, the DPS may add up quickly. Remember that the DPS reflected inside tooltip is just not telling you the entire story (as they are often the case primarily tooltip DPS, of many abilities, generally in most games). The tooltip DPS is made for each individual enemy hit, so that you would need to multiply the tooltip number by however many enemies you happen to be hitting at the same time with the ability to get a more accurate please read on your DPS.

    Shock is often a lightning-based status ailment. Shock increases an enemies damage taken by as much as 50% on an amount of time depending on the amount of lightning damage dealt with the player. The Arc skill gives an inherent 10% possibility to shock any enemies hit by it. In order to bolster this amount, utilize right mix of enchantments and also other PoE items.

    The Arc Witch doesn't have to be an extremely crit-heavy build. Instead, just carry enough crit to bring about fairly regular Elemental Overload procs. Elemental Overload provides the player a 40% increase to wreck dealt about the condition that you’ve landed a crucial hit inside last eight seconds. Therefore, you just need to enough crit possiblity to land a minimum of one crit every eight seconds and you’d have basically https://www.mmoah.com/path-of-exile
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Path of Exile Arc Witch Primary Mechanics Guide

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