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  • Chinese company Tencent is pretty dominant from the gaming industry. It owns an essential part of Riot Games (League of Legends), a minority stake in Epic Games (Fortnite: Battle Royale), and is also partnered with PUBG Corporation (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Add another studio to your list as Grinding Gear Games, developer of unengaged to play ARPG Path of Exile, has received a majority stake acquired by Tencent.

    Revealed in a very forum update, Grinding Gear Games promised that there won’t be any “big changes” to its operation. As such, the expansion and operation of Path of Exile won’t be affected. In fact, managing director Chris Wilson told The New Zealand Herald who's would be increasing its employee count from 114 to 130 within the next year.

    “We’re intending to do more expansions for games, in parallel, not to mention bolstering the c's will be really attractive achieving that. Tencent would be the largest games publisher inside world, includes a strong reputation and is also known for respecting the creative independence on the companies they purchase.”

    The total stake of Tencent is the reason for 80 percent of shares in Grinding Gear. Also, the game won’t go pay to win, Tencent could release specific features for China. As for the various expansions that this developer has planned, expect these phones roll out over this current year and 2019. Version 4.0.0 is additionally in development and is particularly targeting beta testing for early 2020. Given the major scope of content introduced in 3.0.0, it’s worth keeping track of.

    Meanwhile, Path of Exile fans should be expecting the Incursion League, which sees players traveling to your past to assault the Temple of Atzoatl so as to ascertain its location within the present. It will go continue to exist June 1st in addition to several new items https://www.mmoah.com/path-of-exile
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Tencent Acquires 80 Percent Majority Stake in Path of Exile Dev

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