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  • It is valid that the amount of players who pay monthly fees with an MMO, keep back, however, many online games still take advantage of Pay2Play system there are still quite comfortable by faithful, paying fans.

    Actually, the monthly subscription was indeed explained some time ago for dead. Out of date, you are able to no longer make that may most afford Blizzard, the long term is Free2Play. Then that The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be playable only by monthly subscription was announced. "This is most likely one in the last MMO that still appear with Abozwang" suspected some. "I act, Free2Play soon which is," quips another.

    The market researchers at Superdata have meanwhile discovered that TESO currently well pleased at a minimum of 770,000 paying subscribers. In Star Wars: The Old Republic a monthly subscription is almost certainly optional. In the past year, SWTOR gave its operator revenue of 165 million dollars worldwide. So which the game was in fourth place of by far the most successful MMOs with subscribers behind World of Warcraft, Lineage and Tera. Wildstar, meanwhile, has seven or more times several active players simultaneously within the servers established to the open beta.
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    According Superdata shrinks the variety of players who pay monthly fees on an MMO world, since 2010 and also on and landed with a new low of 23.4 million users. Despite declining subscriber numbers have managed some games to find out a loyal group of fans and to live by this, partly along with micro transactions. All figures have Superdata completely from the publishers and developers on the https://www.mmoah.com/tera
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Monthly subscriptions are for sale to many MMOs

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