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  • This week, with all the South Korean game show G-STAR2017 approaching, South Korea started to enter a whole new tour from the massive exposure mode. But then, a result of the current mobile games would be the trend, hence the new tour this coming year are mostly open hand tour. This week we have a look at what's new global travel news.

    Will be formally launched in November of "TERA M", inherit "TERA" game characters and excellent screen, combo system, team play, is a big section with MMORPG hand view on the world and play a range of tours.

    This week, South Korea NEXON Corporation opened its new work "ProjectB" propaganda page. By page, it is possible to only see an "Ultimate Ready!" (Final preparation), and a couple of mobile fireball suspected a biological eye. In addition, "ProjectB" the name with the game, plus the launch date wasn't disclosed.

    By the South Korean "TERA" developers studio Blue Hole (Bluehole Studio) new work "PROJECT W" public debut publicity plan growth of MMORPG. As can be seen on the "PROJECT W" associated with R & D personnel recruitment Blue Hole Studios, the action uses the Unreal 3 engine production, with realistic style in the game screen.

    "Kuntara" (provisional translation: King awakening) through the Korean MMORPG Pulei Wei (Playwith) developed from October 19 began open beta in Korea. "King Awakening" is often a top perspective models while using action MMORPG, together with experience the thrill of fighting hot outside, but in addition to experience the sport in team battle, a copy with the Society along with https://www.mmoah.com/tera/tera-items
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