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  • Developed because of the Korean Bluehole, willing to spread (HappyTuk) platform's very happy to play by agents with the online game " TERA " today (23) officially announced, is going to be held October 6 (4) conducting "magic come" revision, expecting magic Guests comprehensive guide reproduce, occupational balance adjustment repair, new UI optimization, along with stylish property underwear will bring players to feel fresh. Official special today released a close introduction for interested players reference.

    On the "TERA" vast continent, several mysterious Sage, bad life focused on the ancient mystical text for the stone of research knowledge, the final success with this unlock the mysteries of God and find to emulate the effectiveness of technology. With the power of the force as being the fundamental spirit from the caster, incorporates a very amazing destructive power, can instantly erase opponents within a few moments. Because too strong, as they are the magic secret, and then Professor mage carries a strong spiritual force, is one of the secret in the profession isn't going to pass.

    Slayers can concentrate to destroy the enemy from the spirit on the moment, and expand the plethora of most enemy attack spells. Though they've got a strong destructive power, but strength and toughness tend to be more vulnerable mage of any ring, if your front duel while using enemy, attack make themselves into great danger, however, if given the time for it to concentrate Slayers, powerful destructive power can make all enemies will probably be wiped out, the complete strength must not be underestimated. The "magic come" revision, added four potentially profitable new skills included increases attack speed and damage complementary skills "to strengthen this wonderful time" and summon natural energy throughout the mental strength strong range magic "meteorite fall", "Cream surgery "and" thunder hit "build on attack power.

    The best quality silk through the most professional craftsmen making lingerie, delicate lace trim, hand-sewn bring your sexy excellent, conquer new visual experience. After putting not merely be beautiful, but instantly end up being the focus of everyone's attention. In addition, the "gorgeous silk underwear" more to get you the premium quality capacity building such as the ability to increase, maximum HP increased crit rate increase, anti-war increase, restore MP and also other adventurers indispensable attribute every 5 seconds . Both extreme beauty and practicality, this fall is totally essential fashion items, 9/22 (d) is https://www.mmoah.com/tera/tera-items
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