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  • Grinding Gears Games has released a different update for Path of Exile, with the full patch notes. As it turns out, this really is update 2.6.1 re-deployed. During the previous attempt, there are server issues, plus the launch failed. Update 2.6.3 brings lots of new stuff on the table, including a complete revamp with the microtransaction system.

    Update 2.6.3 has gone out for Path of Exile, and it’s a re-deployment of update 2.6.1. After serious server problems, the launch in the previous update failed. Grinding Gears have replaced the offending servers, and launch comes just fine now. You’ll manage to enjoy plenty of new features and changes, such as completely reworked microtransactions, a Cosmetics screen next on the Inventory, and much more.

    This can be a re-deploy with the 2.6.1 patch that failed initially. We have replaced the servers that have issues during that deployment and this will likely work now.

    We have added a Cosmetics screen next for the Inventory. Rather than applying your effects straight to items, these effects are in possession of their own slots. This allows you to swap your gear around when you level up while not having to https://www.mmoah.com/path-of-exile
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Path of Exile Update 2.6.3 Full Patch Notes Revealed

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