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forest endemic species, light

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    August 14, 2017 12:00 AM HKT

    lowest mean temperature of 12.6 degrees, extreme low temperature above 1 degrees, more than the active accumulated temperature more than 10 DEG C for 7400 degrees, annual rainfall is more than 1200mm, the annual average relative humidity above 80%. Chinese natural concentrated patches of pure forest mesuaferrea only distributed in Mengding town of Gengma County, the diameter of more than

    8cm a total of 310 strains, including 66 strains of diameter 8 ~ 19.9cm, 20 ~ 49.9cm 50 ~ 79.9cm 121 strains, 118 strains, 5 strains of more than 80cm. Since 1989, Gengma County Forestry Bureau set up resource protection in four wells mesuaferrea mesuaferrea centralized distribution, and hired a full-time ranger. To effectively protect the mesuaferrea resources. In 1999, forest classification division work,

    and four wells designated as special purpose forest forest mesuaferrea protection, more strict management. The structure characteristics of timber, loose mesuaferrea for cheap and mesuaferrea, large tree, so at a certain ferreous Mesua furniture materials, only in case of common, the Imperial Palace is the representative of major reservoir Alice head. General hardwood furniture, we must calculate the material

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