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Regressive financial definition of regressive

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    December 18, 2017 4:03 PM HKT

    RegressionA mathematical technique used to explain and/or predict. The general form is Y = a + bX + u, where Y is the variable that we are trying to predict; X is the variable that we are using to predict Y, a is the intercept; b is the slope, and u is the regression residual. The a and b are chosen in a way to minimize the squared sum of the residuals Buy A Carton Of Newports Online. The ability to fit or explain is measured by the R-square.

    Regression AnalysisIn statistics, the analysis of variables that are dependent on other variables. Regression analysis often uses regression equations, which show the value of a dependent variable as a function of an independent variable. For example, a regression could take the form:

    y = a + bx

    where y is the dependent variable and x is the independent variable Buy Newports Online Cheap. In this case, the slope is equal to b and a is the intercept. When plotted on a graph Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, y is determined by the value of x. Regression equations are charted as a line and are important in calculating economic data and stock prices.

    regression(1) A statistical technique for creating a mathematical equation to explain the relationship between known variables so that the model can be used to predict other variables when one has insufficient data Marlboro Cigarettes Price. Multiple regression analysis is the basis of computerized automatic valuation models (AVM) employed instead of appraisals by many mortgage lenders Good Marlboro Cigarettes. (2) An appraisal principle that if properties of relatively unequal value are located near each other, the one with the lower value will depress the value of the other.
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