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Should smoking in public places be banned

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    January 10, 2018 10:12 AM HKT

    John B Badd saysNo it is a violation of basic human rights to ban ones ability to smoke outside in public. A thousand cigarettes put of less harmful emissions than one gallon of gas so I do not want anyone to come back at me with the harmful rebuttal Cheapest Light Cigarettes.

    hypnosis4u2 saysThere are a lot of things I'd like to see banned in public places because they irritate me. They include cell phone conversations - I have no interest in hearing what you and your friend are doing tonight or knowing about it Cigarettes Supplier. But I guess this would impinge on freedom of speech so I guess I'll accept it.

    Smoking is another thing I'd like to see banned because it smells awful but I guess I can just get up and move somewhere else Buy Cigarettes Online Uk Cheap. At the end of the day smokers need to have a conscious, and be considerate to others about where they smoke, and the impact it has on others rather than be told where and when they can smoke. Unfortunately, the smoking habit is strong and usually overcomes consideration for others when the desire to smoke happens Cigarette Tobacco For Sale.

    RReslan saysNope, I disagree with governments banning smokers from public places whether indoor or outdoor. Since it is a liability for them smoking indoors, outdoor patios and such should still allow them to smoke as they are patrons like any other Duty Free Cigarettes. Might as well limit people from drinking in order to limit drunk drivers. (whack i know? well banning smokers from smoking OUTSIDE is just as whack)
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