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Path of Exile has been trucking for almost four years

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    January 14, 2018 1:38 PM HKT

    Path of Exile has been trucking for almost four years now, and all the while developer Grinding Gear Games has kept it honest. The entire game is free, but you can buy poe orbs cash for cosmetics, extra slots, and other sundries. It also has giant esoteric sphere-grid esque talent trees that must be carefully calculated as you constantly re-roll characters to try different builds, punishing difficulty levels, and an endgame based around randomized dungeons. While it doesn't have the same polish as say, Reaper of Souls, it definitely has more to do.

    That's especially evident with Fall of Oriath, which adds six new acts to the game's existing four. Act 5 (which is what I played, though the beta will have Acts 1-7) is the big draw as it features the homeland of the Templars, while the others are framed as storytelling devices that are impacted by your previous narrative choices (yep, Path of Exile has a few big campaign junctions that are fairly well done).

    The best part is that everything is remixed into a giant story with the standard difficulty settings removed, which in my experience removes a lot of confusion as to what's "optimal" to play on cheap poe chaos orbs. There's effectively now a more obvious postgame that doesn't have to be explained by another player.BY here now.. so thanks, well done!