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get more important benefit of plank training

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    February 21, 2018 8:16 PM HKT

    So far we know that healthy digestion can be obtained by eating healthy foods such as apple benefits, the benefits of eating papaya, and the benefits of spinach for health. However, eating healthy foods alone is not enough, should be coupled with regular exercise one of them to do regular plank exercise.
     Improve mood or mood

    Doing sports plank it also affects the mood or mood where it can make the mood for the better. Starting the day by planking several times is a good way to improve your mood. Or it can also be done at work breaks so that the mood back good and you are eager again to work. Mood or mood can also be fixed with the benefits of nap

      Increase body metabolism

    Good body metabolism is important so that the whole process and body functions can work well. In addition to eating healthy foods such as the benefits of tea bangle, the benefits of daduzi tea, and the benefits of leaf kelor metabolism can also be improved by diligent exercise plank. It does not take long but is done repeatedly and routinely every day so the body's metabolism will increase.
      Reduce back pain

    Benefits of plank sports that are not less important is to help reduce pain in the back. As is known back pain is a complaint experienced by many people. The cause is diverse one of them because of the wrong posture. For that plank exercise you can try to apply to reduce this pain. In addition, back pain can also be overcome by using the benefits of wasp oil and joint herbal benefits.

      Train and improve the balance of the body

    Diligent practice plank well and correctly can also help train the body balance so that the body feels more fit and fit. With a good body balance makes you more mobile and move everyday with various positions. A good body balance can also be obtained with pull-up benefits for the body.

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     Increased flexibility

    In addition to making the body more balanced routine exercise plank can also increase flexibility so that the body can move optimally, flexible and flexible. It can also be an indicator of whether any part of the body is injured or not by seeing the body's ability to move flexibly. Flexible body can also be obtained from the benefits of sports tumbling and the benefits of swimming.