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    May 17, 2018 5:05 PM HKT

    Issue date: 2002-1-14 origin: Northeast forestry university considers to finish " crop straw man-made board manufacturing technology " , pass national technical appraisement. wall panel uae This achievement is with crop straw lave is main raw material, use the colophony of ester of different cyanic acid that releases without formaldehyde to regard the green of free from contamination of adhesive as man-made board technology, the

    industrialization of this technology will deck board tongue and groove composit be right the development of man-made board industry has tremendous oriented effect. Of this technology carry out the man-made that can save large quantities of is close to that go bankrupt not only board enterprise, still can alleviate the crisis of forestry resource, scratch resistant exterior wall cladding tiles and the environmental pollution that also solved farmer combustion straw to cause and the issue

    that affect to aviation industry. Ban carry out does Guangzhou of substandard building materials check: greatly since 7 · 1 ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer cheap bathroom lapacho wall panels ton row? Ban carry out Guangzhou of substandard building materials is checked greatly since 7 · 1 Issue date: 2002-6-14 origin: Committee of Guangzhou city construction is given out recently " the announcement that supervises the work