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Maplestory - Suggestion for future occasions

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    May 31, 2018 10:25 AM HKT

    Suggestion: Have the method of turning in completed quests for Maplestory Mesos a series of event quests (including the time capsule occasion) remain constant.

    Rationale: A couple of days ago, on the 1st on June (or even the 2nd, though I am pretty sure I only missed one day of the time capsule occasion), I finished turning in the past of my 1,500 feathers. However, since I never see the patch notes until someone remarked that I must have (ENTIRELY my fault) on the 8th, AFTER case had stopped, I was unaware that I was supposed to have gone straight into a distant location in Edelstein to redeem the last reward (and I am certain that lots of other players have missed this), also for GOOD reason.

    Since the first two stages of the event reward might be received via the event notifier, I'd presumed that either one of those two needed to be accurate: 1) I would be able to complete the last pursuit via event notifier(or two) The final reward was to be obtained on the 8th with the Hot Dog's Because payoff. Because the conclusion notification never appeared on case notifier, I thought my 2nd assumption was the case, and waited until the 8th for the reward.

    Also, even if there were instructions on finishing the last pursuit given near the beginning of the pursuit line (there might/might not have been, I really don't remember), I, with my terrible memory, MS2 Mesos could have forgotten regardless throughout the 15+ days necessary for completion. So yeah I think that using my suggestion implemented would save people like me from passing up amazing future event benefits.

    Long story short, provide me better recovery on potions or more rapid heal skills / incorporating back stupid fast hits to batswarm like it was like many abilities had around 15 or 20 spots back on glitch ... now on with the long post.