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A concern with space and context permeates Mafia City

  • June 13, 2018 7:27 PM HKT

    A concern with space and context permeates Mafia City. It is not my place to speak to the historicity of that space in any capacity but I will comment enough to say that it is a logical leap from the broader experiences of Hitman insofar as the game wants you to consider the space, particularly in relation to protagonist Lincoln Clay. Environmental design intentionally provides a space teetering between the openly hostile and the woefully underserved.
    The game goes a long way to defining Lincoln’s relationship to these space through game systems. As an example, loitering in an affluent part of town might trigger police response. The abstraction of real world biases into gameplay systems is an imperfect way of capturing the complexities of systemic issues in reality but it positions the player clearly within certain places in the game world. It provides context.
    What results is another off screen bit of mental engagement as the player ascribes meaning to these places and develops feelings about them that can then be reflected in the mafia game online. Examining a space might reveal stories to further stress the space. A well placed Confederate flag signifies a lot and build a narrative in the player’s mind.

    Mafia City YOTTA GAMES

    I’m not saying these games are equivalent in their effectiveness but I do believe they all highlight an under-discussed aspect of playing a game: thought. In what ways do we we provide context by filling in narrative gaps and fully manage to immerse ourselves in game worlds?

    These games are case studies in an activity we manage every time we boot up a game. Next time you leap into a game, consider taking a moment ask where you are, what that place is, and what the history might be. How do you know? How does the game tell you these things? I think you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll be able to determine. And how much those discoveries will ground you in the game.

    Mafia City YOTTA GAMES

    Honestly, new mafia game, I don’t like to think they are different. The means by which this process is occurring might be different (ie. I might suggest that games demand you do it *faster*) but I don’t know if it is different than what we do reading a book.
    What I do think is that game potentially offer more options to alter or reject certain things. If Morrowind were a book, the actions would be locked into place but because it is a game, I can choose to alter the course of the story or the context of the world in appreciable ways. For instance, killing Vivec. Or meeting Dagoth Ur before I have Sunder and Keening.