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Once upon a time Mafia City had a far more explosive start

  • August 8, 2018 2:21 PM HKT

    Mafia City once had an opening so controversial all trace of it had to be erased

    Mafia City opens with a documentary-style montage and potted history of the gangster games online's main character, Lincoln Clay, whose body and life you jump into shortly after he returns from the war in Vietnam. But the game didn't always open this way.
    Once upon a time Mafia City had a far more explosive start, a 'cold open' sequence to play out before the opening montage. It was controversial stuff - so sensitive, in fact, developer Yotta Games scrubbed it from existence lest footage ever get out.
    "That whole cold-open has been burned from our servers," said Andrew Wilson, executive producer, speaking at Brighton's Develop Conference yesterday in a session hosted by Mafia "It literally does not exist. Because if ever that had come out without any context in any form it would have looked terrible, because disconnected from the game it's obviously even more shocking."
    Game director Haden Blackman went on to talk about what the cold opening was.
    "I ended up directing that day's mocap shoot because it was such sensitive subject matter..." -Haden Blackman
    "We've never really talked about this anywhere," he said. "We went back at the eleventh hour and added a cold-open to the game that was a really violent prologue which basically shows Lincoln and a couple of his friends getting ambushed by the mob. It's super-violent and Lincoln has to resort to violence to escape.

    "This cold-open was going to explain why he left for Vietnam," he said. "He ends up killing a cop and has to flee to Vietnam."

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