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soundproof windows

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    September 4, 2018 9:48 AM HKT

    Many advantages of soundproof windows and doors Soundproof windows and doors have the advantages of sound insulation, non-deformation, UV blocking, etc., as well as a wide range of styles and colors. They are widely used in homes, shops, hotels, hospitals, companies, production workshops and other places with noise and trouble. The glass of the safety soundproof windows and doors are generally made of double or triple tempered glass. The interior of the soundproof glass is treated with special technology, which has super strong adhesion and can play a good protection role. If it is cracked, it will not happen everywhere. It is safe to ensure the energy-saving sound-proof glass is also energy-saving. It adopts the principle of vacuum, hollow and sound insulation, and also increases the performance of thermal insulation and heat insulation. The energy saving effect of summer cold and warm winter. The anti-condensation frosting glass intermediate layer has the superior function of thermal insulation, which is used to block the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor to form heat transfer. Such a glass does not show condensation or frost even in the north, and the phenomenon that the glass vision is not colored is generated. Sealed soundproof doors and windows also have a perfect seal. Of course, this requires a perfect combination of profiles and seals. High-quality soundproof windows and seals can extend the service life and have an anti-fouling effect on indoor environmental hygiene.

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