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    January 11, 2019 5:29 PM HKT

    Identification of wood composite landscaping logs decoration is a very real problem. From the decoration companies, designers until housewives, are often involved and concerned about this issue. Usually the following aspects should be considered. 1, floor timber Floor timber floor is to identify the grade and price the most important aspect, the following factors should be considered: (1) wood species, source and origin. Rare species and common species of course not in the same grade and price. Even the same species, because of different origin, texture, but also quite different, naturally, there are high and low points. (2) color. Very particular about the color of the floor. Great tone difference of natural materials, such as regardless of color, surface decoration after appear disorganized, very harsh, poor decorative effect. The natural color of the wood is not rare, even the same tree, heartwood to sapwood often there is a big color. low cost wpc deck usa favored by many people, it is more consistent with a pale yellow Ze is one reason. Color high-grade floor are generally more consistent. (3) pattern. The pattern is also very particular about the floor. Due to the special visual effects ground floor patterns should be small not big, Yi Qian not deep, should not the song straight, should the rule not chaos. Therefore, from the perspective of most people's favorite, radial streaks than landscape pattern, dot pattern better than a large pattern. (4) texture. Jiaogan floor, hard and soft, elastic, thickness, and other properties of smooth structure also represents the level of quality. Delicate and smooth floor general material better. (5) materials handling. After the hydrothermal treatment, or otherwise treated to maintain high quality, dimensionally stable floor. At the same time, drying method and moisture content of the floor is a very important quality authentication factor. (6) substrate composite flooring. Identification of most of the above-mentioned solid wood flooring discriminating way, if the floor is parquet or wood-based panels, it is important to identify the base floor should see adopted. In general, the substrate is superior to plywood using MDF, which is better than particleboard. 2, the appearance of defects in the floor Floor looks relatively easy to identify, generally has the following: (1) knots. There are dead knots knots, articulated, minimal dead knots intensity, color has black, apparently is not allowed. Articulated sometimes not affect the appearance, but with the nature of patterns, excessive knots will show messy feeling on the ground, so the size depends on the number and section of the section. (2) decay. Since the beginning of rot and decay rot outside, can not stand outside the rot is clearly identified, but often difficult to find within the rot, you can tap, try to estimate the weight. Internal rot floor percussion boring, lighter. (3) crack. There through crack, mitogen, imploded, outside bifida. Solid wood flooring, plywood flooring, laminate flooring may occur such defects. Large cracks are generally not allowed. (4) wormhole. Wormhole diameter or more and a large distribution area, it will naturally affect the appearance, but small and uniform diameter, there is a natural special decorative effect. (5) discoloration. Chen Fang, handling and processing of different substrates or discoloration may cause floor flooring products. Discoloration is generally localized, but do not color and color are not the same, which naturally affects the appearance. If the mere mention of the color and the color is not consistent, then to the floor is a decorative, played beautifying effect.