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Cheap Quality YSL Replica Bags

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    March 13, 2019 10:37 AM HKT

    As if we need to indulge ourselves even more in unnecessary materials Cheap Quality YSL Replica Bags , Louis Vuitton has just come out with iPad cases. Apparently the iPads are selling really well, and so LV must have caught on to the money making train that usually follows the releases of technological 'why do we need this' gadgets. I expected LV to make iPhone cases, but not iPad cases. You might be different, but I'm not the type of person to flaunt my belongings. If I had an iPad and bought this case High Quality Replica Designer Bags Online , I'll be sure to thank LV for making my iPad more of a target for stealers.This LV case costs almost just as much as the iPad itself. So would you really spend twice as much for an iPad? This LV case is selling for $366 and comes in the classic Monogram or Damier canvas designs. With so many different accessories that LV is creating, LV might as well start designing monogram wallpaper for homes. Earlier this week I was watching CNN and they mentioned an interesting fact. The fact mentioned was that women were more likely to purchase clothing when it was presented with a slim beautiful model rather when it was presented with an average girl (one who would actually buy and use the item being presented). Let me explain in more details鈥ccording to countless marketing trials, it has been proven that attractive slim models representing an item in a magazine advertisement yielded a higher volume of gross sales. I forget the corporation that was involved in this marketing experiment; however, I do recall that they were some big corporate clothing company. Anyhow , they tested consumers purchasing reactions by replacing their previous ads which consisted of a slim attractive model presenting a spring dress with an ad that consisted of an average woman presenting a similar dress. After looking over the final sales records, the campaign with the average women produced sale volumes that were significantly lower compared to the campaign with an attractive model. I guess that came with no surprise鈥sn’t that just the most superficial thing you’ve ever heard? Well, guess what gals? We are living in a superficial world. We are just going to have to deal with the blatant and unjust ways of the media.