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Dymatize Super Mass Gainer to Gain Size & Strength Quickly
Dymatize offered Super Mass Gainer supplement is based on a potent formula and comprises of high quality ingredients that work great in increasing size & strength. Packed with enough calories for burning and to avert muscle mass being used as fuel, it is works great in building muscle mass. It contains protein with amino acids that builds & sustains muscle mass. Further, presence of BCAAs activate muscle protein synthesis process, Creatine builds strength & endurance, while vitamins & minerals help with recovery.
Other Details:
· Helps muscle building
· Speeds up muscle recovery after heavy workouts
· Enhances your energy level
· Delicious
· Convenient way to help build mass and muscle.
· 1,900 calories
· 83g Protein, 17g of BCAAs, & 7.7g L-Leucine
· Enhanced with Creatine
· Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals
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