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Casein Protein- For Enhanced Muscle Strength
“Slow and steady wins the race”
Just like casein protein. Casein makes up nearly 80% of the total protein content of milk. It is a most nutritive protein source. It contains calcium caseinate, calcium phosphate (casein micelle) and sodium. This casein micelle work as a protease that aid the body in breaking down protein more efficiently. It is the most slowest digesting protein source, thus it is recommended to be consumed at night before bedtime. It works by slowly releasing amino acids into the bloodstream. This slow & steady release of nutrients in the body, keep the muscles nourished and prevent the body from robbing muscles of the nutrition. This way it prevents the action of catabolic enzymes and preserves the muscles mass while increasing its strength.
Other Details:
• Nighttime Use Protein Powder for Building Muscle
• Ideal for Between Meals and Before Bed to Feed Muscles and Fuel Recovery
• Provides 60% of the daily value for calcium
• Ensures effective recovery
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