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Finding the Right Process Server in Hawaii at With a combination of modern technology and solid integrity, process servers can give their clients the quality service they deserve. As a Process Server in Hawaii, if you're not using a cell phone or an online database to keep clients updated, then you may be losing clients to competition that does. Look for a process server who will update you on a regular basis with easily documented emails that detail when and where the papers were served, and to whom. It's even better if a process server has a database where you can track the status of the cases you've hired them for. That way, you'll always know exactly where your case stands. My Social : NO KA'OI Process Serving PO Box 1346 Kilauea, Hawaii United States 96754 Call Us Now 808-278-8974 Services:- Spouse Support Summons and Petition Divorce Summons and Complaint Child Support / Visitation Petition and Summons Court Order/Decision Civil Summons and Complaint Notice of Claim and Small Claims