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Process Server in Honolulu - Choose the Best in the Business at We are experienced, licensed Hawaii process servers. We can provide the best services at reasonable prices in Kauai as well as the other islands of Hawaii. Modern technology makes it easier for people to stay in contact no matter where they are. For Process Server in Honolulu, technology can make the job easier and keep clients happier with frequent updates. Here are a couple of technological items every process server needs to have to provide the best service to all his clients. My Social : NO KA'OI Process Serving PO Box 1346 Kilauea, Hawaii United States 96754 Call Us Now 808-278-8974 Services:- Spouse Support Summons and Petition Divorce Summons and Complaint Child Support / Visitation Petition and Summons Court Order/Decision Civil Summons and Complaint Notice of Claim and Small Claims