Manzano attempted to use

  • Manzano attempted to use one-third birthdayGuoan grips with APB 14 times in the history of the Super League, the National Security get 5 wins, 8 draws and one loss record, scoring 21 goals to lose 12 balls, 3 wins, four draws and unbeaten at home. Last year the league last home, the face of national security Jianye in must win win situation is possible, is Jianye draw.Play, Guoan 3-0 victory over nike air max thea mens newly promoted Chongqing Lifan coach Manzano hopes the team can continue the good state of the game three points, "It is an interesting coincidence that we met last year the league home encounter opponents. We certainly hope to win at home to third, following the win over fans in Chongqing again for a victory. " The day before yesterday was the birthday of the National Security coach Manzano, handsome Man went on to say that the best birthday gift is the third of the game.Last year, the main road to play APB, national security without victory, it could not be clearer handsome Man, "the data has been written into the history, but this is completely different, we do not know what will happen."AFC can be played Guoan woundedThe start of the new season, Xu Yunlong, Leiteng Long, Ha Dae-sung, and even goalkeeper Hou Sen are more or less the situation appears. For now the team's injury situation, Mann commander, said: "They have recovered well, have begun to participate in training, but I hope that they can continue to get better resume, next Tuesday we have an important AFC game, we hope The wounded have a better adjustment, wait till the game and then come 

    back. "Yesterday, with the head coach Park Sung attended together. A reporter asked, it is not meant Ha Dae-sung also can not play, Manzano playing tai chi, "I took him (Park Sung) over, because he looks more handsome."The new season of the National Security attracted a total of four new neiyuan, in addition to the big treasure, and the remaining three players have not been playing opportunities, which Manzano explained: "Jin Pengxiang and Shi Xiaotian did not participate in the preparation of our training also need to be run-through training with the team as well as position Lei Jing Zhao and Zhang Xin Xin, there will be some competition tomorrow at 3:35 pm, Lifan will face the league title last season in the Austrian body - Guangzhou Hengda in the last two The days of training, Chongqing Lifan nike air max 90 hyperfuse cheap constantly adjusting tactics team, strive for changing the pitch of the situation, make timely adjustments. In the face of powerful opponents Hengda coach Wang Baoshan no "virtual", but will not be at home worried Lifan lose fans support him, said:. "No matter how strong the opponent, we win the goal will not change. "Hengda emphasis on tactics to deal with changeTomorrow, Lifan will be at home against Guangzhou Heng brigade. Lifan as newly promoted this season, the first two will have to face the new season championship last season, the club the pressure is not small. The defending champion Hengda carefully crafted "Elkeson - High LVL - Alan 'frontcourt new Trident is going to win this year's Super constant brigade and an important guarantee for the AFC crown. 

    However, this has not yet revealed the Trident edge with serious injuries on Alan's been neutralized.The first round of the war, with the buzzer in the Chinese Super Hengda lore, win over newly promoted Yongchang. Tomorrow they usher in another newly promoted team Chongqing Lifan, last week to eat bitterness, is bound to enhance the importance of the newly promoted Hengda. Therefore, Lifan home game will increase the pressure.For the strength of strong, experienced constant brigade, the day before yesterday were players Lifan flexibility training. And yesterday, and specially trained to strengthen the defense, but that does not mean that we should adopt a conservative Lifan tactical system in the game. In the past two days of training, Lifan appear different lineup and tactics. In this regard, Wang Baoshan, told reporters: "The game against the bigger, even though they have the strength, but different first-round opponent andnike air max 90 sale  national security, and our staff for Hengda, tactics will change, at least we are not in spirit will empty them. No matter how strong the opponent, we win the goal will not change. "Oti pronouncements are not afraid HengdaYesterday, after training, sitting on the sidelines Geely Oti broker drinking sports drinks and chatting. Reporters caught the air when approached asked Geely Oti, whether understand round Guangzhou Hengda powerful opponent. Geely Oti is a slight frown, shook his head bewildered.He told reporters this week's game will face the winner of the league last season, constant brigade, are you afraid of it  Oti's face showing a look of care, and asked: "They are the best " After an affirmative answer, Geely Oti smiled and said:. "I am not afraid," Oti innocent answer, let onlookers fans laugh. Perhap