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  • shooting performance of the first two, is simply the Beijing team star striker, if this is not an accident, then you can use it much, after all, he's tall and put in there to defend him is not easy. Sun Yue's performance will make a little more afraid of the Liaoning team, the Beijing team need to make good use of it, you must also make good use of state boldly Sun Yue.Fourth, the two sides will be the key role of local players champion. Have to say, the two teams of foreign aid on the throne, are advantages and disadvantages: on the combat, Hudson now is Bimabuli stronger firepower, but in the big foreign aid is to beat Maurice Thompson, so the two sides still difficult to compete. Therefore, local players can decide winners and losers of the duel, which also need to new balance 420 cheap use the wisdom of teams coach.In the first two terms, both sides played really does not look good, but the so-called battle chess nameless Bureau also fighting efforts toward the back of the wits. Beijing team in the psychological experience is now more advantages, the players are ready to play in the more fully, but in the "2-3-2" situation, it is very difficult for both sides to achieve a home-court advantage in the competition system Beijing team would like even under the three-city, is no easy task. But now, who in the case of a stalemate in the first Wrench, will get the entire initiative.I personally optimistic about Beijing in the third to win the war, some of the Beijing team would be missing a game and make appropriate adjustments. Especially on the defensive penalty 

    area, home games can often be driven by the team's defense and increase the intensity of physical contact. If the back of the game remained relatively relaxed whistled the first two scales, the game is expected to be played very intense. Anyway, Liaoning, Beijing, will be a good outcome, the Liaoning team will be desperate to win a game, and strive to continue the war Benxi towed. But what Liaoning win a very important, but to win the fifth war, the situation is still unfavorable, and only in the third, four games to win a victory in order to maintain our edge. If you can bang Liaoning won two games, and that Beijing team is a hopeless situation. In Beijing's three field goals, will be very exciting. Real Madrid in the first leg 2-0 away triumph, the world think they qualify for the Champions League battle (microblogging topics) Top 8. March 10, second leg at home still attracted 75,000 people to the scene, Real Madrid lost 1-0 away last  new balance 880 online  round of La Liga Bilbao lost, the fans want to see the team with a victory to regain confidence. The atmosphere inside the stadium infected confident team warm up before the game, after the completion of C Lo shot and seriously remind Casillas:. "Please remain highly concentrated, we are often very suddenly shot forward," he half-jokingly pointing Abel Koloa:. "Do not lift the foot while fighting so high, or else I can take an umbrella to protect themselves," I did not expect the game Schalke 04 more serious warning than C Lo joke, they are three times ahead the final 4 to 3 to win, so that the presence everyon

    e gasped.Casey deadlift team initiative to endure booWhen Fuchs shot opened the scoring, the Bernabeu has only sporadic boos aimless. The responsibility for this sphere there are several people, Cohen Bertrand and Isco failed to stop the opponent on the right pass, Hedi and Bell did not protect Arbeloa after the point, when Casillas saves idea concentrate, take the ball still can not stop it fly net at the end. But wait until Huntelaar blank range once again exceeded the Bernabeu boos have started directivity, this  booed every time the ball would suffer. After all, as has been the world's first goalkeeper can not always net smash sell, not lying on the ground without a second reaction.C Ronaldo headed the equalizer before halftime, Benzema beginning of the second half even had the go-ahead after three people Kongmen, once people see the comeback of dawn, Ancelotti has a clear conscience, sat back bench. The game can rival Real Madrid's desire to survive and tactical blunder still make waves after repeatedly. When Huntelaar lock 4 to 3:00, t new balance 577 cheap he Bernabeu has been booed submerged. Many fans stood watching the last few minutes, they are worried about a miscarriage of justice or a judge of a player's mistake could lead to unexpected out of Real Madrid. Benzema whispered to C Luo said: "This is how could, how could Schalke scored four goals in our home " C Luo shook his head: "! This is really a shame, a shame."Schalke coach DiMatteo said before the game: "If we enter the state as soon as possible, if the early goal, it is possible to complete the go-ahead." One is based on the recent poor record of Real Madrid, the home fans are subject to defection. Fortunately, the field C Ronaldo scored twice in a timely manner to