ilijas helped me a lot

  • warm-up match. Of course, Milijas helped me a lot, but Antic is our coach, which I can more easily adapt to the team. NBA regular season, the Pacers 109-103 in overtime Despite wins by the Bucks, ho to take seven-game winning streak, while the latter in exchange for  anew balance 999 cheapway Knight, 12 games, lost eight games.Pacers Stuckey scored 25 points, six rebounds and six assists, Luis Scola 17 points and 15 rebounds, George - Hill 17 points and five assists, 14 points Myers. Bucks starting five in double figures, Ilyasova 19 points and 10 rebounds, Pachulia 16 points and 12 rebounds, Maika Wei 28 points, eight rebounds and four assists, but the team had a total of 10 points off the bench.The field star: 2566! Stuckey then SaviorWalker is now quite "conquer the world rely on the bench lineup," meaning, which comes Stuckey leading players. Victory over the Magic play the game, the Pacers bench together to cut 73 points, including Stuckey scored 34 points, seven assists and six rebounds. And the game, Stuckey again played a decisive role, he swept the audience under 25 points, six rebounds and six assists, helping the team to complete a reversal. In the six-game winning streak before the Pacers, Stuckey averaged 18.5 points under H. If the team can finally make the playoffs, Stuckey is definitely one of the biggest players in the credit.Game review: Pacers Bucks eligible reversal 7-game winning streakPacers recent state hot, but the opening is Bucks head start. In the battle to 6-6 flat, Middleton and Ilyasova hit consecutive three-pointers, Pachulia storm, even with the cast suddenly ucks wave of attacks hit 16-6, the establishment of two number of advantages. Scola hit third lesson, but Maika Wei continued to cut points, 

    the Bucks is a 7-2 offensive. The first section of Harding Park, leading the Bucks to 31-19 Pacers.The second section, the Pacers bench angry, Stuckey cast and breakthrough Scola hit consecutive jumpers, Watson is finished playing four performances. Pacers quickly polished points difference, with Hill third succeeded, they finished 22-9 offensive tide, go-ahead score. Since then, the Pacers fell offensive firepower, the Bucks gained a respite, Pachulia storm inside repeatedly and frequently gains, the visiting team to regain the advantage. Half finished, the Bucks are still leading the Pacers 53-51.Ex situ battles, Maika Wei consecutive cut points, the Bucks and Pacers played neck. 5 minutes before the end of the three, the two teams into the rotation time, the Pacers force again. Stuckey-thirds of the vote, and scored five points, Myers is suddenly a feeling, even in the two three-pointers. After a 18-8 offensive, the Pacers to 82-74 lead after the holiday three bucks.Distal Pacers poor offense, taking advantage of the Bucks counterattack, jumper new balance 373 sale and three-point play, he cut points and Ilyasova together, will be sent out to 1 minute. Before the end of the section 2 minutes, the cast hit the West, the Pacers lead five minutes. But the Bucks did not give up, Ilyasova scored 5 points, to chase the score 96-96, the two teams into overtime.Overtime, the Pacers might appear defensive, anti-Bucks 3 was no more than a minute field goal. Stuckey hit in the cast, the Pacers complete 9-0 wave of attacks, take the initiative. Before the final

    , the Pacers consecutive free throws, eventually narrowly win the game. Champions League (microblogging topics) accident out, Mourinho said the first time, to concentrate on the league moved to, "The first thing we do is honest to admit himself unworthy of qualifying. The next step is to calmly analyze the game, I want to know why did not win. I told the players after the game, now is not a good time to talk about the game, and now it is time to go home. Do not cry for the failure, of course, do not laugh. Tomorrow 13:00 See, we will then analyze the game . "He also reminded the players, "We're going to win a trophy and a league, we out of the game in a game, the game even today it still won through many stages, beat a lot of players, but our situation is very good in the league Sunday we went to the same piece of the stadium again, the same group of players want to play again. no time to cry, to look forward, to move forward. If we can win the league and League Cup double, will still be a wonderful season. "He even said it was a pity that the next game is not tomorrow, "This is too bad. In football, winning or losing is normal, there is a good day state, the state also has bad new balance 996 sale days, but I never because of an event Power was out on the lack of progress. Now the only thing we can do for the Champions League, is trying to win the league, the draw for next season's group received the highest ranking. I repeat, we have 11 games to go, let us for Sunday race hard! "Even the French are not as fastIndeed, just in terms of the league, Chelsea in the Champions League a good thing, because they can concentrate on a deal with Manchester City competition. This means that a game is also currently leading five-point advantage, have been